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Signature Series 951/1000

Full Bore was initially a high performance shop.  To be honest we miss it.  So we are bringing back some of Dan’s favorites.

So we are reintroducing our Signature series 1000.

Our 1000 SS is a straight forward performance engine rebuild that keeps rock solid reliability, runs on pump (premium 91-93 octane) gas, no difficult carb mods and pulls like hell. 

We start with the Sea doo 951 and take it to a 995cc’s.  There is no substitute for cc’s. Precision fitted with Wossner forged performance pistons. Of course it goes without saying that the crankshaft is rebuilt to our Platinum specs and fitted with Teflon coated seals. We slightly raise the compression. Increased intake flow and control with Carbon tech reeds. Followed with atomizing (minor porting) the transfer fuel charge and swirl the head to control detonation and flat out increase performance that the average person can enjoy without having to revolve their life around trying to make it work. 

It’s simple, it's solid and it rocks!

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Often copied but never duplicated!!!

Time is running out clock

Don't wait till Spring

Signature series performance 1000cc engine rebuild.


Call about availability.

Add to cart complete payment and print a copy of the receipt and put in box with engine.  Shipping instructions are covered on our shipping page.   Return shipping is $75

Don't send  ignition flywheel, coils, motor mounts, carburetor's, starter, sensors or exhaust manifold.   Severely corroded engines or holed cases may be considered unserviceable!!

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