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PWC Cylinder resleeving

Sea Doo and Yamaha PWC cylinder resleeving.

Everything from simply resleeving your cylinder and resizing back to standard bore  starting at $150 to complete resleeve kits that includes everything needed to reassemble.

Contrary to the common belief, you don't just press out a sleeve and press in a new one.  Please don't wreck your cylinder trying.   Besides installation they do need to be bored and sized after installation.  We offer simple solutions to your resleeving needs below.

Sea Doo Cylinder resleeving Complete kit with everything needed to reassemble.

resleeving back to standard bore.

Sea doo 580,587,650,657,657X,717,720 or 787/800 resleeve kit's

Your cylinders (2) are resleeved, then bored to standard bore to match new WSM Platinum (2) pistons, rings, pins, bearings, circlips, head (O-rings) gaskets, base gasket, and exhaust gaskets. 

  All cylinder work is done here at Full Bore

Resleeve complete $450. 

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Note 947/951 offered below..

Sea doo 947, 951 Resleeve kit's

Resleeve your Sea Doo 947, 951 back to standard bore '98 and newer carb models or DI.

No need to trim or replace raves because it will be standard bore unlike some popular cylinder exchange programs.

 Includes 2  pistons WSM Platinum (molly coated), rings, pins, bearings, circlips, head gasket, base gasket, and exhaust gaskets and sleeves.  Your cylinders (2) are resleeved, then bored to standard bore.  

WSM Complete for $499. 

Advanced Sleeve, American-made personal water craft cylinder sleeves. Crafted from centrifugally spun cast iron or ultraong ductile iron.

With Advanced sleeves Complete for $549.

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Note if standard bore pistons aren't available we would bore to first oversize that is available but we would call first if this happens

Yamaha PWC Cylinder resleeving

resleeving back to standard bore.

Your cylinders are resleeved, then bored to standard bore.  Includes pistons WSM Platinum (molly coated), rings, pins, bearings, circlips, head gasket, base gasket, and exhaust gaskets and of course the sleeves.

650 6M6 $395. 700,701 61X, 62T, 760 64X  $450

1100 $645, 1200 non power valve model $695.

Yamaha PWC Resleeve kits.

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Sea Doo cylinder resleeve.

Cylinder resleeving back to standard bore or what ever size you need.  Resleeving YOUR cylinder includes the sleeve installed, matched to ports, bored, final sized, chamfered, final hone and cleaned.  If you have a special piston or size other then standard bore please include the piston so we can properly size it to your piston. This is just for sleeving your cylinder. We do also offer complete kits if you need pistons and gaskets.

Starting at $150 ea. plus $15 return shipping.

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Placing an order is straight forward.

First find what you are looking for and make the payment right here on the website.

After making payment with buy it now button, ship your cylinders with a copy of receipt, contact phone #, return shipping address and any special requests.

If paying with a cashier check (certified bank check)  please contact us at info@fullboreonline.com to let us know it is coming so we can keep it in mind for scheduling.  Please note that we schedule our  workload by payments received and or deposits.  Shipping us something overnight doesn't mean we can do it immediately.  If you are in that big of a hurry, be sure to find out our current turn around time before ordering. 

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