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Yamaha PWC engine rebuild .


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Time is running out clock

Don't wait till Spring

Full Bore does it again.

No more games! Our Sea doo Platinum plus special engine rebuild line up is flexing its muscles with an industry first and only 3 year warranty. 

That’s right, a 3 year warranty.

In 2001 we introduced our Platinum engine rebuild line with less friction, more power and longer life.  Full Bore’s Platinum Sea doo engine line is often copied but never duplicated. 

Platinum Plus winter special.

Platinum + rebuild special includes.

  • Free R&R (removal and reinstallation) of PTO flywheel
  • $100 off normal price
  • Free return shipping to the 48 Continental States when paid in full only.
  • Free installation gaskets
  • Free customer support
  • 2 year warranty plus 1 year for off season special making it a 3 year Warranty!!!

This offer is for a limited time and quantity.

Platinum Plus winter special.

This will be part of our winter work load. If you are in a hurry please consider our other options.

    Engine size & brand



Yamaha 700, 701, 760


  $950 Sale Price $850

Yamaha 800 pv



Yamaha 1100 2 stroke


    $1295 Sale Price $1195

Yamaha 1200 non pv


     $1295  Sale Price $1195

Yamaha 1200 pv



 Must be a rebuildable engine with a good core.

Select engine size

Add to cart complete the payment and print a copy of the receipt and put in box with engine.  Shipping instructions are covered on our shipping page.   Free return shipping to the 48 Continental States when paid in full only.

Don't send  ignition housing, ignition flywheel, coils, motor mounts, carburetor's, fuel injectors, starter, sensors or exhaust manifold.

Severely corroded engines or holed cases may be considered unserviceable!! 

Rebuilding your PWC engine.
   There are many advantages such as; no upfront core charge, you know your engine is the correct one for your PWC, all serial numbers will match and you don't send a good core and get back a patched up saltwater core.  It is guaranteed that you will get your same engine back, rebuilt to our engine specs.


Platinum pwc engine rebuild .

Our Platinum rebuild has been our flagship for many years.  We start with rebuilding the crankshaft with new rods, pins, bearings and thrush washers.  Trued to 0.001" or better and verified in your engine cases for proper fit and runnout.  Fitted with Teflon coated seals for less friction and longer life.  The cylinders are bored and fitted to molly coated pistons.  After the cylinders are bored, we give the ports a very aggressive (3 stage) chamfer. 

All of our engines run the same compression (within 1 or 2 psi) as the engine was originally designed for so you keep the power and don't lose the reliability.

Final finish is with a hi temp, oil and gas resistant gloss black engine enamel. 

The difference Is the attention to detail and the Quality of the parts. 

These aren't SBT remans and we don't and won't use SBT parts in anything we do.

Take pride in your ride with our Platinum rebuilds.

Our platinum engine rotates easier and produces less friction. This results in less heat, less drag, and more Horse Power, while increasing the dependability.

 All of our Platinum engines are built to last and we stand behind them, with a 2 year warranty on parts and craftsmanship. 

Accepting credit cards through pay pal, right here on the web site.  It's the safe and secure way to pay online.

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Core charge

We don't charge a core charge because we are rebuilding your rebuildable engine.

Bad engine core

 This is NOT a good core.

severely corroded engines may be considered unserviceable!!


Scheduling and order of work done is determined by payment received or deposit date.

Without payment or a deposit you are not on the schedule. 

The reason for this policy is simple, we are a small family operated business and we can't afford to invest thousands of dollars into customers engines and have them sit on the shelf until spring.

Contact us

Email us at info@fullboreonline.com

Phone 989-340-1321

9-5 Monday - Thursday

9-4 Friday Eastern time.

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